About BodyLanguage

Touch is the oldest way of healing our body. Think back on a time where you had an injury. The moment you felt pain in that part of your body, you immediately reached out with your hands and placed your palms on the painful spot to warm it up, and gently rubbing it to calm down the pain.

BodyLanguage is a metaphor that addresses the language of the body, a communication with the body that connects all of the segments holistically together – creating a merging of therapy and bodywork. There are 2 languages that your body understands: movement and touch.

Whether it’s in the form of acupressure, massage, manipulative techniques, stretchingor positioning a client in a soothing position – it is through the senses of the skin, muscles, joints and the soft connective tissues that touch affects our nervous system, bringing the body into a sLOGOtate of balance.

Benefits of a Balanced Body:

– Immune system is encouraged
  to work stronger
– Muscle-tone is optimal
– Joints are in a functional position
– Blood circulation is released
– and breathing is relaxed

BodyLanguage is the meeting point where Eastern manipulative technique- Thai yoga massage merges with Western physical therapy. It is here where the knowledge about the body as well as the understanding of the energy flow through all layers of the body, both rough and more subtle, come together and are used as tools for successful bodywork.

About thai yoga massage

Thai yoga massage is a complex of manipulations with the human body. Thai massage is aimed at stretching the muscles and tendons, restoring the circulation of energy in the body, on relaxation the muscle spasms and clamps, release energy congestion and raising the overall energy potential. Thai massage features: pressing, stretching and twisting. It is performed in clothing on the floor or on the special mat and takes one and a half to two hours.

Thai massage can help with picture 1972

– Back, shoulders, knee pain (and others)
– Improves circulation
Strengthens the internal organs
Improves breathing
Increases flexibility and range of motion
Releases stress and increases energy
Improves neurological functioning and assists in relieving degenerative conditions associated
  with the aging process
Deep relaxation of mind and body

About Lada Perišić

Lada is Thai Yoga massage teacher, Physiotherapist and Anatomy lecturer in the Yoga Teacher Training. For the last 9 years she has been educating in the fields of bodywork and therapy throughout Europe. She runs a Thai Yoga massage school where she educates new and expierinced yoga teachers in Experience based Anatomy. Fusing the Western scientific aproach together with Eastern holistic and healing tehniques, her approach to understanding, deepening and stretching the knowledge of the human body is practical,comprehensive and thourough.

”I connect knowlage and intuition, theory and exerience, in my work.

 I am always curious to find out where do these two meet.”


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